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Mogens Eghjort - trumpet;
Jens Brandt - clarinet;
Søren Munk - trb / vocals;
Torben Junker Larsen - banjo;
Keld Reenberg - bass;
Jørgen Kureer - drums
sixfootstompers 1  SIX FOOT STOMPERS (DK) cottonclub
SIX FOOT STOMPERS is a Danish jazz-orchestra whose history goes back to 1991, where six musicians with the same interest for jazz music, agreed to ” stomp ” a tradtional jazz-band together.

Since the formation, the band has succeeded by playing swinging, popular jazz music and the band is now recognised in Denmark as well as abroad.

SIX FOOT STOMPERS have, for example, taken part in two successful jazz festivals in Copenhagen, “Swinging Copenhagen” and “Copenhagen Jazz Festival”. Internationally, the band has toured in Sweden and Greenland, taken part in festivals in Poland and Italy, and last but not least “French Quarter Festival” and “Fritzel’s Jazz-renuion” i New Orleans, USA.

In 2013 the band have taken part in”Dresden Jazzfestival ” with great succes

Even though SIX FOOT STOMPERS is a ” young ” orchestra compared to the long history of jazz. All six musicians have a long musical past, not just playing traditinal jazz, but also swing- and big band music, skiffle and rock music, and also Danish, Irish and Scottish folk music.

Together the orchestra represents a style of music with roots in the traditional New Orleans and Dixieland jazz, spiced with inspiration from other genres.

The repertoire is wide and contains, in addition to all well known jazz- and swing numbers, evergreens and tunes associated with special occasions. All in all, an orchestra which is playing happy and swinging traditional jazz.
Termin-Infos und Anfahrt
10 EUR
(für mögl. Ermäßigungen s. Seitenleiste)
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Danish Jazz Orchestra
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cotton club  SIX FOOT STOMPERS (DK) cottonclub
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